Be Proactive

This is something I have been saying a lot to the teenager and nearly teenager the last few days. It’s something that I hope they learn in this increased time at home with us.

Don’t wait for jobs to be given to you to do. Just do them (they know what the never ending list of jobs around the house are without being told)

Don’t wait for your school work deadline to be tomorrow, see that it’s set, get on with it. Get it done, out of the way, resulting in more time to do fun stuff tomorrow.

I find that if they are getting on and doing stuff I am way less likely to find them a job to do. If they proactively unpack the dishwasher I am pleasantly surprised and don’t need to give them 2 more jobs, you know, something that they don’t much like, changing the cat litter or putting their many clothes away off the floor.

It got me thinking about business, of course. People who are proactive get ahead in life. They stand out. In my experience managing people over the years those that had already started the plan, or finished the tasks before you sometimes had even thought of them were the ones who went on to excel and advance in their career. Those who proactively figured things out themselves without waiting for some time with me to work it out were the ones who stood out as top performers.

During this COVID19 pandemic it can feel like there is more down time, more time to procrastinate, dwell on things, but let’s make it a time to be proactive instead. Make your business stand out. Do those things you have been putting off. ‘Eat That Frog’ (a book I read many years ago that a wonderful manager of mine recommended and I still quote from to this day – in fact, I might get the teenager to read it) and get ready for when this is all over.

Even the teenager is starting to do it. I mean, he doesn’t always get it right, but at least he tries to do something. That’s better than nothing.

What do you think? It seems obvious doesn’t it, but sometimes it’s just way easier to wait until someone tells you what to do. 

Would you like to chat about some of the things you might have been putting off? Would it help to speak to someone else, someone outside of your business to prioritise or talk through your ideas and get proactive about them? We could proactively put a plan together for your marketing during the pandemic ensuring you’re ready for the after.

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