Managing your social media platforms taking too much time for not much return? Leave it to us.

We know just what it takes to get Social Media working for your business. We’ll help differentiate you from the crowded and competitive market. With our team of experts, we can either help you navigate getting set up with some consulting and training on your chosen platforms or we can take on the ongoing management and do it all for you including managing your advertising.

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Perks Marketing
Perks Marketing
Perks Marketing

Often the best place for us to start working together is with an audit of your current position. We’ll then make recommendations on the best way forward. We will identify what’s working well, what’s not. Share some tricks and tips for posting.

You’ll come away with a load of insight to be able to maximise what you get from social media activity.

This is when we’ll dig a little deeper and help you focus on what is most important to your business. Reaching more customers, to retain and grow!
Working closely with you we will create up to 3 detailed target customer personas, your social media ‘tone of voice’, define key messages and goals, determine your strategy and which platforms will work best for your business.

Then we’ll help you get everything set up on the chosen focus platforms and get you going with some tools to help you deliver it.

We can just do it all for you! After working through the audit and discovery projects we can then take on the ongoing management of your social media platforms.

Fully or just as support in finding content, setting up content calendars, keeping on top of engagement, ad management – whatever you need.

Ever stopped to think about your personal brand and what that could do for both you and as a thought leader in your business and industry? It’s essential, now more than ever that you are active on LinkedIn.

We will work with you to establish goals and then manage it all for you. We’ll log in as you and make sure you post regularly, comment and engage with relevant prospects and contacts, send InMails and connection requests, share useful content to ensure you are considered a thought leader and that your business is considered the same.

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