What a day! We had an absolutely fantastic time at the event meeting lots of other business owners and chatting about all things marketing. We ran a competition with our selfie frame and will be drawing the winner of that on Friday.

The businesses we spoke to were so varied, we’re loving learning about new markets and verticals. It’s so interesting. What we’re also noticing though is that there are so many similarities when working with businesses who want to grow, and grow fast regardless of their market. The kinds of marketing strategies that will work are similar, the needs of the business are the same. There are also tonnes of similarities with businesses who are in their early days (like us!) who are trying to establish their brand and flesh out their business plan further. This is the kid of stuff that gets us excited at Perks Marketing. We’re really passionate about helping other businesses grow and to be ‘on board’ as they embark on that journey is awesome.

Thanks to Tracy at YWMB for organising such a fantastic event. #WMBBusinessExpo2019. It’s wonderful to see so many other female business owners in one room who are all absolutely smashing it. Hugely inspiring. Exciting times ahead for us here at Perks Marketing.


It was the first time we had the whole team together in one place, normally we all work remotely from our homes. it was so nice to get together and talk about our own business goals too.

We also got a bit of filming done on the day, so watch out for that!